Announcing Mantra for iOS

Today we are launching Mantra for iPhone and iPad.

Mantra empowers your voice and lets you contribute to science.

Mantra is a voice recording app that lets you record and play back your voice with your phone. Your recordings are sent to our servers for automated analysis in order to improve voice analysis and medical diagnoses. We don’t share your recordings with anyone and your data is not linked to your identity.

Mantra can be used as voice diary and well-being coach that guides you with proven techniques used in psychological practice. Instead of writing down your thoughts, you can tell Mantra about your day.

You can also use Mantra to meditate on what is most important to you. Mantra helps you use ‘positive affirmation’, which is a technique used by medical professionals to help people relax and improve their lives. Positive affirmation asks you to think about what is currently most important to you and why. This is a meditation that can help you focus on empowering yourself and others.

Mantra is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad by searching for “grai mantra” or at the following link:

Mantra for iOS

Mantra for Android is also available on the Google Play Store:

Mantra for Android

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